My trip to Northern AZ in April 2004

Includes the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and Jerome

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The Grand Canyon (Pictures of the canyon itself -- be warned, I had a tough time reducing the number of photos I wanted to keep...) 60 Apr 25, 2004 (5:52 PM)
Deer Pictures (I came across these deer while checking out the canyon.) 9 Apr 25, 2004 (5:14 PM)
Flagstaff, AZ (Pictures taken just North of Flagstaff, AZ) 5 Apr 26, 2004 (9:53 AM)
Jerome, AZ (An old mining town nestled in the Arizona mountains) 18 Apr 26, 2004 (5:04 PM)
The Colorado River (You can only see bits of it from the top of the canyon) 18 Apr 25, 2004 (5:58 PM)
Sedona, AZ 12 Apr 26, 2004 (11:04 AM)
Grand Canyon Sunset (Pictures of the sun setting over the Grand Canyon) 24 Apr 25, 2004 (6:14 PM)
Notable trees at the Grand Canyon (Just a few trees that I really liked) 9 Apr 25, 2004 (4:48 PM)
Panoramic pictures of the canyon (Note that these were not taken in optimal conditions (most notably I did not have a tripod), so there is some distortion from the merging process.) 4 May 21, 2004 (2:29 PM)

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