Christmas 1996

Back home in Spokane, WA for Christmas in 1996

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Christmas Festivities (Christmas Eve & Christmas Day) 7 Nov 19, 2006 (12:36 PM)
My House (This is the house I lived in for the last two years of High School (and where the rest of my family lived for a few more years after I left)) 7 Jul 23, 2002 (6:06 PM)

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A view of downtown Spokane, WA in December Posted: Jul 23, 2002 (6:06 PM)
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My sister Robin (front) and her friend Deanna Posted: Jul 23, 2002 (6:06 PM)
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Buffy standing up because my brother is offering her a treat Posted: Jul 23, 2002 (6:06 PM)
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I think this cat's name was Winston Posted: Nov 19, 2006 (12:35 PM)
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Me in my old bedroom (no, my hair was not dyed, just a camera effect) Posted: Jul 23, 2002 (6:06 PM)
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My sister trying on her new bathing suit she got for Christmas Posted: Jul 23, 2002 (6:06 PM)
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Robin and her old boyfriend Jason Posted: Jul 23, 2002 (6:06 PM)
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