Paris, France

I spent four days in Paris

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Arch de Triomphe 15 Mar 2, 2003 (11:57 AM)
The Eiffel Tower (Pictures I took of the tower (and from the tower) at night) 6 Feb 28, 2003 (2:19 PM)
The Gare du Nord rail station (Very close to the hotel, I ended up hopping on the RER here quite often to go places) 7 Mar 1, 2003 (2:35 AM)
Hotel Altona (My hotel (nothing fancy, but it was a place to sleep)) 8 Mar 1, 2003 (1:53 AM)
Hotel de Invalides (Museum including Napoleon's Tomb and the Musee de l'Armee) 27 Mar 1, 2003 (9:50 AM)
La Defense 12 Mar 2, 2003 (11:31 AM)
Musee du Louvre (The Louvre national museum) 43 Mar 3, 2003 (4:43 PM)
Luxembourg Garden (A big garden close to Sorbonne (a University) that probably looks much better in the warmer months) 10 Mar 1, 2003 (8:07 AM)
Miscellaneous pictures 22 Mar 3, 2003 (2:11 AM)
Musee de Cluny (Musee National du Moyen Age-Thermes et Hotel de Cluny) 20 Mar 1, 2003 (3:54 AM)
Notre Dame (The Notre Dame Cathedral) 22 Mar 1, 2003 (5:41 AM)
Opera Garnier (The famous opera house) 41 Mar 3, 2003 (11:38 AM)
The Pantheon (I just walked by this and took a few pictures) 2 Mar 1, 2003 (4:33 AM)
Musee Rodin (Museum showing some of Rodin's sculptures, many of which were never finished) 10 Mar 1, 2003 (9:06 AM)
Sacre Coeur (This is way up on a hill. I felt it was fine to go to a Metro station that seemed closer to it that the one you are supposed to go to. The elevators were backed up at the station, so I just took the stairs. About 200 steps later when I finally got out of the station I realized why everybody was taking the elevators. I then walked up lots of steep roads and many more steps before I finally made it to Sacre Coeur. When I was almost there, I ran into the cable cars that are there to take you up there.) 11 Mar 1, 2003 (10:54 AM)
Sainte Chapelle (Cathedral that is now buried among government buildings) 14 Mar 1, 2003 (5:25 AM)
Versailles (The Palace of Versailles, built because the Louvre was not big enough. The gardens are huge but not very nice in the winter. I went to the main palace and all of the smaller ones.) 105 Mar 2, 2003 (8:30 AM)

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